• Pallet of Vinarack has superior durability, withstand collisions during transport and use

    Welcome to Vinarack company! At there we have manufacturing many types of products several. With modern machinery and engineer system have years of experience, they always generated a lot of product best.

    A unique alternative to traditional wood and plastic pallets.

    Manufactured by galvaniged steel with a high quality. Other materials and coatings are avaliable also for specific applications.



    • Strong and durable
    • Safety and efficiency
    • Sustainable and sanitary
    • Different entry access for forklift 



    Flat steel pallets allow 4-way fork entry and 2 or 4-way hand truck entry.

    It is sturdy in construction to take the rigors of warehouse and distribution life.



    Choose from our standard dimensions clad with mesh, sheet steel or timber flat pallets in the design, development, production and sale of professional material handling equipment and storage equipment.



    We have a wide range of roll containers and mesh containers for various fields and our products are export to foreign, we are good at design service to meet any of your special specifications and requirements.

    We would like to grasp every developing space to make our enterprise have outstanding vitality and competition. As a reliable cooperator, we regard customer as our God.


    For more information about our company and product details, please kindly contact:


    Address: No. 3, Street 40, Block 8, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC, Vietnam.
    Tel/Fax: 028 3726 2606 / (0084 28) 3726 2606
    Sales Department:
    0912 404 977 (Thúy Hà), 0903 812 187 (Ngọc Yến)
    Hotline0909 787 797 (contact@vinarack.vn)
    Email: t@vinarack.vn
    Website: www.vinarack.vn  – www.kethepdanang.net –www.giakevattu.com


    Very pleased to serve you!

    Thank you for your visit our website: palletsteel.net

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