• Customer services in Vinarack’s factory

    Customer service always attention in Vinarack’s factory. It help for relationships from our company to customer the better. To boost Vinarack”s factory of business, set yourself apart from your competition

    Your choice of industrial storage rack supplier will affect the profitability of your operations, over many years, with the purchase price being just one of many contributing factors.



    It is Vinarack attention to the "big picture" of total material handling costs, and designing unique features into our pallet racking systems which address these factors that has lead to our becoming one of the largest manufacturers of warehouse rack systems.

    One should consider the following factors, and their influence upon your bottom line: Industrial Storage Rack configuration choices will determine the efficiency of space utilization (storage density), accessibility to individual loads (selectivity), handling time, order fulfillment speed, and acquisition costs.



    Each warehouse facility, and even different areas within a facility, may have different needs. Use galvanized steel board to solve the coat problem of traditional steel pallet, high productive efficiency, better coat protection, safe and good surface area. Fire-safe, reduce insurance fees and risks.



    Our services:

    - Lower price with high quality

    - Fast shipping for you

    - Satisfactory after-sales service

    - Professional manufacturing, first-class technology, the Europe standard.

    - The warranty up to 7 year.

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    Established: 06/07/2004

    Address: No. 3, Street 40, Block 8, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC, Vietnam

    Tel / Fax: (84-28) 37 262 606

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    Email: contact@vinarack.vn

    Website: www.vinarack.vn

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